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Ye Yu
Associate Research Fellow Center for South Asian Studies Institute for World Economy Studies

Dr. YE Yu is Associate Research Fellow and Assistant director of the Institute for World Economy Studies at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS). Her research focuses on global economic governance, multilateral development banks, the G20 and China’s role. She has led or co-authored a number of projects commissioned by Chinese Ministries, UNDP in China, China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) on the World Bank, BRICS New Development Bank (NDB), the G20, China’s participation in the international system and China-US cooperation on global economic order among others. She is the author of a monograph in International Law Regulation on Oil Trade and Investment Measures and a number of academic papers on economic multilateralism. Her publications also cover climate financing and global energy governance. Dr. YE was a member of the Think 20 in 2014 and 2015. Dr. YE graduated from Fudan University in 2007. She was a visiting fellow in Yale University (2005-2006), Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at the University of Dundee (2006), the Bush School of Government and Public Management at the Texas A&M University (2009), the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (2012) and the Lowy Institute for International Policy (2015).


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