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The Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) was established in 1960 as a comprehensive research institution, one of the earliest government-affiliated think tanks in China dedicated to international studies. At its founding, Mr. Jin Zhonghua (Ching Chung-Hwa), then Vice Mayor of Shanghai and Vice Chair of the Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Conference, was the inaugural president.


Over the past six decades, SIIS has played a crucial role in conducting strategic research, providing policy recommendations, and contributing to the understanding of international politics, economics, security, and other related fields. It has evolved into an important institution informing and shaping China’s foreign policy and global engagement, and has been accredited as one of the most influential think tanks in China and around the world. More recently, SIIS has further raised its profile by playing a significant role in expanding Shanghai’s global connections and advancing China’s international communications.


SIIS comprises six institutes, namely, the Institute for Global Governance Studies, Institute for Foreign Policy Studies, Institute for World Economic Studies, Institute for International Strategic and Security Studies, Institute for Public Policy and Innovation, and Institute for Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macao Studies; and eight centers for area studies, namely, Center for American Studies, Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies, Center for West Asian and African Studies, Center for European Studies, Center for Maritime and Polar Studies, Center for Northeast Asia Studies, Center for Southeast Asia Studies, and Center for South Asia Studies. SIIS has also set up eight in-house research platforms: the Center for the Study of Chinese Diplomatic Theory and Practice, Center for Shanghai-in-the-World Studies, Center for International Communications Studies, Center for the Study of World Politics and Political Parties, and Center for BRI and Shanghai Studies.


As a foreign ministry-accredited policy advisory institution, SIIS actively partners with government agencies and higher education institutions, establishing joint research centers. Examples include the Center for Cyberspace Governance (with the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission), Center for Public Diplomacy (with Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries), Postdoctoral Workstation (with East China Normal University), and Institute for the Study of International Organizations and Global Governance (with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics).


SIIS presides over the Shanghai Society of International Relations and Shanghai Institute for International Strategic Studies, and hosts a number of research groups, like Shanghai Japan Studies Society, Shanghai Institute for European Studies, and Shanghai Institute for Future Asian Studies.


SIIS is also a founding member and held the first rotating presidency of CICA Think Tank Forum. It is also a member of international think tank networks like T20 and the Council of Councils.


SIIS publishes two academic journals: Global Review (Chinese, bimonthly) and China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies (English), and releases occasional papers in both Chinese and English.