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Nov 11 2016
CHINA and the G20:the interplay between an emerging power and an emerging institution
Catrina Schläger,Chen Dongxiao By Catrina Schläger,Chen Dongxiao

Publication Time:Fri, 11 Nov 2016 00:00:00 GMT

Press:Shanghai People's Publishing House

General Evaluation
China and the G20
Barry Carin
The G20 at Six and Chinas Role
Ye Yu
Part Ⅰ Policy Areas
Chapter 1 Macroeconomic Policy Coordination in the G20: Tremendous Success or Disappointing Failure?
Chapter 2 The Role of the G20 in Resolving Deep-rooted Problems in the World Economy
Chapter 3 Reform of International Financial Institutions
Chapter 4 Regulating International Financial Markets
Chapter 5 The Plight of the G20 as Coordinator of International Monetary Policy
Chapter 6 International Monetary System Reform: The Renminbi Issue
Chapter 7 The G20s Institutional Weakness and RMB Internationalization
Chapter 8 Chinas G20 Membership and Quest for Leadership in East Asian Regional Architecture
Chapter 9 A New Round of Transregionalism: Impact on the G20
Chapter 10 A Critique of the G20s Role in UNs Post-2015 Development Agenda

Part Ⅱ Actors, Positions and Constellations
Chapter 11 China, the United States, and the G20: Instituting Cooperative Multilateral Governance
Chapter 12 A New Model of Major-Country Economic Relations between China and the United States and Its Effects on the G20
Chapter 13 China and the EU: From Strategic Partners to a New Relationship between Major Powers?
Chapter 14 China-EU Cooperation in the G20
Chapter 15 China, the BRICS and the G20: New Configurations of Power in the International System
Chapter 16 The Transformation of the BRICS