Wu Jinan
Senior Research Fellow
Institute for Taiwan, Hongkong & Macao Studies
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Jan 01 0001
DPJ’s New Generation of Politicians
Wu Jinan By Wu Jinan

Publication Time:Mon, 01 Jan 0001 00:00:00 GMT

Press:Shi Shi Publishing House

Between August and September of 2009, the DPJ grabbed the political power which had been in the LDP’s firm grasp for over half of a century. A new generation of politician aged 40 to 50 played the leading role in the power change and subsequently became the mainstay of the DPJ government. However, in as short as three years, they transfigured the image of the ruling party and were beset with internal and external challenges. With the help of large volumes of first-hand materials, the author reviews the rise and decline of the DPJ, its composition, political thoughts, behavior and generalizes the party elites’ successes and failures in reforming and transitioning Japan’s economy and politics.