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Jan 01 0001
System Restructuring and Rule reestablishment

Publication Time:Mon, 01 Jan 0001 00:00:00 GMT

Press:Renmin Publishing House

Global issues have become human society’s common challenges and the grand agenda of international multilateral diplomacy and more pervasive, politicized, intensified, and specified. Global issues not only affect the overall interests and common future of humanity, but also influence China’s sustainable development and its image of a responsible stakeholder. The collective rising of the China-led bloc of emerging countries has brought about new opportunities to address global issues, contributing to the sustainable development of the world economy, the reform of the global governance institution, the raising of the global awareness and the new thinking on global issues. The book enumerates the challenges to the world, the emerging countries, and China cause by global issues, reviews the theories, rules,and paradigms of global governance, and from the perspectives of global security, economy, energy, climate change, and extremism, gives policy recommendations on what role China should play as an emerging power. It argues that in participating in addressing global issues, China should properly identify itself and its relationships with the rest of the world, and make more contributions to establishing rules and institutions, theoretical innovation, strategic and policy planning so as to help maintain world peace, development and cooperation in the 21st century and even longer.