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  • China’s New Leadership:China’s 2017-22 Leaders, Grand Strate...
    2017-10-26 Dan Steinbock
    After the 19th Congress, Xi’s China is preparing for a new roadmap domestically and internationally. This is Dr. Dan Steinbock’s in-depth analysis of China’s critical changes that will shape the world economy until 2022 - and beyond. As the... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Xi Decade: New Thought for the New Era
    2017-10-22 Dan Steinbock
    In the Xi decade, Chinese transition to the post-industrial society will accelerate, despite the new normal in the world economy. As the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened in Beijing, General Secretary Xi Jinping ... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Struggle for Bolivia Is About to Begin
    2017-10-12 Dan Steinbock
    While middle class Bolivians are demonstrating against the incumbent president’s bid to extend term limits, the country is thriving after a decade of progress under Evo Morales. Recently, thousands of Bolivians took part in protests in San ... [FULL TEXT]
  • Dynamics of the Bilateral Relations between China and the Un...
    2017-01-20 Liu Youfa
    Guest Research FellowSIIS at Pangoal Insight Forum January 14, 2017 In exactly one week, Mr. Donald Trump will be in the White House and become the 45th US President, which earmarks a new chapter of the bilateral relations between China and... [FULL TEXT]
  • WHAT IF CLINTON WINS ——US Presidential Election 2016
    2016-12-26 Den Steinbock
    According to polls, the race to the White House is over. Clinton has won, Trump has lost. If that proves the case, US economic erosion will slow but imperial foreign policy may escalate, which has critical repercussions in Asia.The polls re... [FULL TEXT]
  • China’s Devastating Floods: From Adaptation to Mitigation
    2016-12-26 Den Steinbock
    After weeks of torrential rain across central and southern China, the mainland has suffered from a series of devastating floods. As the total price tag has soared, the impact will be felt in economic growth.By mid-July, almost 240 people ha... [FULL TEXT]
  • Europe’s Hard Choices: Change or Decline
    2017-01-04 Den Steinbock
    Today, Europe is struggling with a series of old and new challenges. Hard choices can no longer be deferred.For half a decade, Europe has struggled with excessive debt (which remains excessively high), fiscal adjustment (which has failed to... [FULL TEXT]
  • America’s 2016 Election Risk, China and Asia
    2017-01-04 Den Steinbock
    Whether Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or somebody else takes the White House, pragmatism is likely to be the eventual winner. Dan Steinbock looks ahead to how an American presidency led by either of the two leading contenders will deal with... [FULL TEXT]
  • From U.S. Regime Change to Chinese Economic Development
    2017-01-04 Den Steinbock
    President Xi Jinping’s three-nation tour in the Middle East heralds a shift from US regime change to Chinese economic development.President Xi’s tour took place amid a perilous moment in the region. Saudi Arabia is struggling wi... [FULL TEXT]