Defense & Security
  • 2020-04-27 15:02:48 Jin Liangxiang
    COVID-19 fight boosts Iran's standing in the region
    A man wearing face mask walks on a street in downtown Tehran, Iran, on March 18, 2020. [Photo/Xinhua]As has long been suggested, crisis not only means danger bu...
  • 2020-04-13 13:59:14 LU Chuanying
    Lu Chuanying interviewed by SCMP on HUAWEI
    “No one can say with certainty that their products are definitely safe” Lu ChuanyingThis oversight group has annually released a report of its activities, inclu...
  • 2020-03-25 14:58:07 Dan Steinbock
    The costs of COVID-19 complacency
    Emergency Medical Technicians lift a patient into an ambulance while wearing protective gear, as the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Ne...
  • No IAEA member states can accept endless inspections
    2020-07-06 Jin Liangxiang
    Jin Liangxiang, an associate research fellow at the Center for West Asian and African Studies in Shanghai, tells the Tehran Times that Iran has been very cooperative with the IAEA and that“no member states can accept endless inspections” an... [FULL TEXT]
  • Why Did the Bloody Galwan Clash Take Place?
    2020-07-01 Liu Zongyi
    On the evening of June 15, Chinese and Indian soldiers clashed unexpectedly in the Galwan Valley, high in the Karakoram mountains, causing casualties on both sides. The Indian side, which initiated the incident, suffered a lot of casualties... [FULL TEXT]
  • The U.S. fails the world by keeping Iran sanctions
    2020-03-17 Jin Liangxiang
    Containing the COVID-19 epidemic has topped the agenda of the international community as the virus has developed into a global pandemic where no-one is immune. Facing this common challenge, therefore, countries should deal with it through j... [FULL TEXT]
  • Principle of Sovereignty Needed Urgently in Middle East
    2019-11-08 Jin Liangxiang
    A deficiency of peace and security has long been the defining feature of the Middle East, and recent years have seen severe turmoil.Turkey’s latest military operation across the border into Syria in October triggered a new round of discussi... [FULL TEXT]
  • A US-Iran military conflict unlikely
    2019-09-10 Li Weijian
    Editor's Note: Iran announced on Friday that it would stop implementing some of the provisions of the 2015 nuclear deal with major powers to continue its nuclear research and development program. This is Iran's latest move to withdraw from ... [FULL TEXT]
  • Time for China-India Relations to Abandon Western Paradigm
    2019-02-01 Liu Zongyi
    It was reported that recently the Indian Navy has commissioned a new full-fledged naval base, Indian naval air station, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The new base, according to Indian military officials and experts, would be used to i... [FULL TEXT]
  • Implications of Trump’s Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Dea...
    2018-04-23 Jin Liangxiang
    It is less than a month before the U.S. is set to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal unless its European allies will “fix the terrible flaws” in the deal. Actually the U.S. has already in some ways withdrawn from the deal since it has not ... [FULL TEXT]
  • What Will Trump’s New Iran Strategy Do?
    2017-10-24 Jin Liangxiang
    On October 13, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his new Iran strategy. As expected, President Trump jettisoned another part of Barack Obama’s legacy, though he stopped short of withdrawing the U.S. from the nuclear deal. The new strate... [FULL TEXT]
  • Donglang Standoff and China-India Relations
    2017-10-12 Liu Zongyi
    After two months of tension, the standoff at Donglang (Doklam) finally ended peacefully in late August 2017. Donglang revealed India’s strategic ambition and its dissatisfaction towards China’s regional policies. Most importantly, the outco... [FULL TEXT]
  • How To Resolve the Korean Conundrum
    2017-09-18 Dan Steinbock
    As the US policy has failed in the Korean Peninsula, dark scenarios cast a shadow over the region – but could also pave way for peace. Recently, U.S. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called for “the strongest sanctions” to pressure North Korea int... [FULL TEXT]