Defense & Security
  • 2016-12-02 Li Weijian
    Middle Eastern countries see role for Russia
    The situation in the Middle East has seen drastic changes recently that have puzzled observers. It surprised the international community that the unpromising Ru...
  • How To Resolve the Korean Conundrum
    2017-09-18 Dan Steinbock
    As the US policy has failed in the Korean Peninsula, dark scenarios cast a shadow over the region – but could also pave way for peace. Recently, U.S. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called for “the strongest sanctions” to pressure North Korea int... [FULL TEXT]
  • Shifting the momentum on the Korean Peninsula
    2017-08-28 Chen Dongxiao
    Beijing has long held three objectives for East Asia, and the Korean Peninsula in particular.The first is to promote general peace and stability premised on North Korea's diplomatic normalisation with the United States and South Korea.The s... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Jihadi Pivot to Asia
    2017-08-12 Dan Steinbock
    As the Islamic State is collapsing in the Middle East, it needs wins elsewhere. Southeast Asia is Jihadi terror’s new battlefront. In order to contain the terror and sustain the Asian Century, new kind of cooperation is needed between the A... [FULL TEXT]
  • The Lessons of Terrorism in Mindanao
    2017-08-07 Dan Steinbock
    The Ramawi terror did not come out of the blue. It is a result of decades of economic polarization, political exclusion, neglect of terrorism by the Aquino administration, and ISIL’s collapse in Syria and Iraq. If the stabilization fails no... [FULL TEXT]
  • China Plays Great Role in Fighting Extremism
    2016-12-26 Jin Liangxiang
    The campaign against terrorism, particularly represented by ISIS, is high on the global agenda. The role of the U.S. is much more visible in comparison with that of China, as American military actions always make headlines in major internat... [FULL TEXT]
  • Why China's role is not very visible in the Middle East
    2016-12-26 Jin Liangxiang
    Chinas policy toward the Middle East is always discussed on different occasions. Though China has contributed many efforts to the resolution of major regional conflicts, it seems that Chinas role has never been sufficiently recognized. Whil... [FULL TEXT]
  • Is the Iran Nuclear Issue Resolved?
    2016-12-26 Jin Liangxiang
    The year 2015 witnessed intensive international efforts in dealing with the Iran nuclear issue, which finally resulted in the signing of JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions) on July 14. The world has reasons to feel relaxed since the... [FULL TEXT]
  • China’s Emerging Cyberspace Strategy
    2016-12-26 Lu Chuanying
    A closer look at China’s cyber strategy, and what it means for the world. China has been the center of attention on cyber issues and one of the very few countries yet to publish a report on its cyberspace strategy. People outside Ch... [FULL TEXT]
  • Iran’s Economy after the Sanctions Deal: Why the New US Hurd...
    2016-12-26 Den Steinbock
    Today, the Iran nuclear deal is effective. Yet, Iran’s efforts to attract foreign investment and accelerate growth and prosperity face new hurdles, which seem to reflect Washington’s efforts to dent the agreement.Last January, t... [FULL TEXT]
  • Beyond the Strategic Deterrence Narrative: Deploying THAAD M...
    2016-12-26 Zhang Zhexin
    Since North Korea began a new round of nuclear and missile tests early this year, major Northeast Asian players have engaged in heated debate on the implications of deploying the U.S.-backed Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile syste... [FULL TEXT]