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Mar 01 2021
Perspective from China’s International Cooperation in the Framework of the Polar Silk Road
By Yang Jian Henry Tillman
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Adaptation to the challenges emerging from the changing Arctic is an important component of future Arctic governance. Evidence of the impacts of climate change abounds in the Arctic—and rebounds around the world. This includes observations about the relationship between ice melting in the Arctic and extreme weather events at lower latitudes, as well as how changes in the duration and extent of Arctic sea ice cover are transforming global trading patterns. Given the global impacts reverberating from climate change, collective actions and a synergy of adaptation strategies are needed. As one of the world’s major economies and as an investor in the Arctic infrastructure network, what impact will China’s engagement in the Arctic impose on the balance of economic activities and environmental protections in the Arctic, and on efforts to build resilience at both the Arctic regional level as well as at the global level? This question will be important both to Chinese policy makers and to the international community, now and in the years to come. 

Source of documents:2018 North Pacific Arctic Conference Proceeding

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