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Oct 29 2019
Strategic Stability in Cyberspace: a Chinese View
By Zhou Hongren

Abstract: As the strategic importance of cyber security increases, how to foster a stable cyber order compatible with the current international order is one of the most urgent issues for the international community. Global cyberspace governance and strategic cyber stability maintenance have thus become two emerging scientific fields in international studies. Generally, there are three states of stability in cyberspace: stable, delicately stable, and unstable. To promote the study of cyber order and enhance rational decision-making, it is necessary to adopt a cyclic perspective and fully explore the transition of cyberspace among the three states. Global cyberspace governance is mainly about managing the cycle of transition of cyberspace and designing robust institutions to prevent instability; in those institutions, international norms, rules, and laws will be made as essential guidance for cyber behavior of individual countries. As existing human knowledge and theoretical frameworks

are the basis of studies on cyber strategic stability, it is imperative that effective dialogue and joint research among all international stake holders be conducted on issues of their common concern, which helps shape the strategic thinking and policy deliberation of individual countries on cyberspace and foster an international order that is conducive to cyber strategic stability.

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