Institute for Foreign Policy Studies
Institute for Foreign Policy Studies conducts foreign policy studies of China and the major powers. Its research tasks include illuminating the foreign policy practice and interactions between major powers, analyzing the diplomatic relations between China and those pivotal and major countries and regions, discussing critical and hotspot issues in China’s foreign policy, summarizing the experience and lessons drawn from China’s foreign policy implementation, and exploring the development of foreign policy theories with Chinese characteristics.
  • Yang Jiemian
  • Cai Penghong
  • Li Weijian
  • Ye Qing
  • Niu Haibin
  • Cai Liang
  • Zhou Shixin
  • Lou Xiangfei
  • Zhang Pei
  • Long Jing
  • Liu Xin
  • Wang Weihua
  • Jiang Xudong
  • Li Yanliang
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