Institute for Global Governance Studies
Institute for Global Governance Studies concentrates on global governance studies from both institutional and critical issue perspectives. The institutional studies focus on global political, security, development, cultural and other important institutions, their evolution and future development, and institutional building within each sub-area. In issue studies, it pays specialized attention to energy security, climate and environment change, international cooperation on the fight against terrorism, women’s issues, etc., most of which address nontraditional security and transnational issues.
  • Yang Jian
  • Ye Jiang
  • Zhang Haibing
  • Zhang Yinghong
  • Lu Chuanying
  • Qiang Xiaoyun
  • Zhao Long
  • Liu Kan
  • Mao Ruipeng
  • Shi Chenxia
  • Cheng Baozhi
  • Li Ning
  • Zhu Ming
  • Fang Fang
  • Zhang Qiyue
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