Cai Liang cailiang@siis.org.cn Senior Research Fellow Center for Asia-Pacific Studies
Institute for Foreign Policy Studies
Cai Liang is Ph.D. in Laws at of Fudan University and Senior Researcher of Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, SIIS. His research interests focus on Sino-Japanese Relations, Strategic Culture of China. His most recent publications include, “Foreign Strategic Vision of Japanese ‘Neo-Nationalism’ and Its Plight”, Contemporary International Relations, (July 2012), “Analysis of Agricultural Interest Groups’ influence In Japanese Politics——Also on the “JA” political impact in the anti-TPP activities”, Japanese Studies, (Sept 2012), 'An Analysis on the "Strategic Hedging" by Abe's New Cabinet', Journal of International Relations, (Oct 2013), "The Analysis on a Symbiotic International System and the Capacity of Building of Chinese Foreign Policy's Image", International Review,(Jan 2014), “An Analysis of Abe’s Policy of ‘Separating Politics from Economy’”, Japanese Studies, (May 2014), “Three Characteristics of ‘Active Pacifism’ of Shinzo Abe Administration”, Forum of World Economics & Politics, (Sept 2014);“The Development of Present Symbiosis: From Peaceful Coexistence to Community of Shared Destiny”, Journal of Social Sciences, (Sept 2014), “Shinzo Abe’s Lifting Bans on Japan’s Collective Self-Defense: Purposes, Path and Impacts on Sino-Japan Relations”, Northeast Asia Forum,(Nov 2014)etc. Publications: Research of ODA to Shanghai in Japan (December 2010) Japan’s MD Diplomacy Towards China After WWⅡ(July 2014)