Lu Chuanying Luchuanying@siis.org.cn Senior Research Fellow Center for American Studies
Institute for Global Governance Studies

Dr. LU Chuanying is Secretary General of the Cyberspace International Governance Research Center and Senior Research Fellow of Shanghai institutes for international studies.He specialized on cyberspace governance and cyber security. He received his Ph.D. and M.A of International Politics, and B.S. of Computer Science. He also studied in Johns HopkinsUniversity-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American studies. He was a visiting fellow of Center for Strategic and International Studies(U.S.), Oxford University(U.K.). He is also the Editor Chief of Information Security and Communication Privacy. Dr. LU is a member of China-EU digital economy and cybersecurity working group. He has published a couple of articles on the issues of cyberspace on journals and newspapers including Cyberspace Governance, Cyber Security. Dr. LU has also contributed to a variety of research projects related with Cyberspace Governance, Cybersecurity Strategy sponsored by national social science foundation, as well as Foreign Ministry and China Cyberspace Administration.