Dr. ZHU Yunjie, PhD (College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University), research fellow of Institute for Comparative Politics and Public Policy at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, focusing on water supply and treatment, physical and chemical processes, environmental toxicology and microbiology, communication and cooperation for urban sustainable development. He has published articles about Nanofiltration Physiochemical Properties and Drinking Water Treatment Behavior, Civil Diplomacy in Global City Development, the Enlightenment of Science and Technology Innovation Link and Sino-US Urban Cooperation to Shanghai Development, Chapter of International Cooperation in Shanghai Manual for 2018-2020. He has participated in researches on Technology and International Cooperation in Central and Key Regions in the U.S., Major Projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation, Biological Risk Assessment and Control Technology of Jinze Reservoir Water Pretreatment and Water Supply Process.