Chen Dongxiao


Chen Dongxiao:President of SIIS

Prof. CHEN Dongxiao is Senior Research Fellow and President of the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS). Specializing in the studies of United Nations, China’s foreign policy and China-U.S. relations, Prof. Chen has published extensively on China’s diplomacy, major power relationship, the UN reform, and global governance. In his responsibility as the SIIS President and senior policy adviser to the government, Prof. Chen has chaired numerous research projects commissioned by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, and supervised extensive academic publications supported by the China National Foundation of Social Sciences.

With regard to his academic service, Prof. Chen is the editor-in-chief of the Global Review (published in the Chinese language) and the China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies (published in the English language), both being flagship journals on China’s diplomacy hosted by the SIIS and contributed by expertise across China and abroad. Prof. Chen is also the founding editor-in-chief of the SIIS Report, an English (multi-lingual format in the future) think tank report series that aims to exchange ideas and present proposals of the leading Chinese think tanks on common agendas facing the international community.

As an eminent policy advisor to the Chinese government, Prof. Chen is senior advisor on economic diplomacy for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, and senior advisor of International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Shanghai (IBLAC).

Alongside his academic and advisory roles in China, Prof. Chen also holds such international positions as the high level advisor of Independent Team of Advisory (ITA) for ECOSOC Dialogue on longer-term positioning of United Nations Development System (2016), and the member of ASEAN Regional Forum’s (ARF) Expert and Eminent Person (EEP), etc.

Prof. Chen earned his Ph.D. from the Fudan University. He receives a special government subsidy of the State Council. As an adjunct professor of the Shanghai International Studies University, Prof. Chen holds the position as Vice Chair of China National Association of International Relations.