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Over half a century plus, SIIS as a think tank enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad has embraced the spirit of “industry and originality” and “patriotism and cosmopolitism” by advising for the central government and the Shanghai municipal government as well, pursuing academic diplomacy, playing proactive role of opinion leader both within China and across the world. Here, we show you the most recent research findings published by SIIS experts.

It is a world trend of peace and development, and of win-win cooperation, for we are in a world that is politically polarized, economically globalized, culturally diversified and socially informationized. In what way can we do our best to maintain and advance peace and development? How shall we view the new trends of the world economy, new features of international security, new connotations of big-power relations, and new changes of international cooperation? How shall we understand the new missions and new commitments of China’s diplomacy? Here, you will see reviews and analysis made by SIIS experts and they will be with you to further explore the journeys of international situation and track the pulse of China diplomacy as a major power.

China is striding on the historical course of realizing “Chinese dream”, the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. Never has China been so intimately and broadly interconnected and interacted with the world. China needs to learn about the world, and so does the world about China. Here, we show you plentiful seminars hosted by SIIS and varieties of track-two high-level meetings and share with you mind-storms and exchange of views between SIIS experts and their peers both at home and abroad.

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SIIS President  Chen Dongxiao